I believe that our lives are our playgrounds, and that they are meant to be enjoyed. The purpose of Playground-this site, the affiliated YouTube channel, and the services I offer- is to connect you with resources that make it easier for you to access the life you want as an individual and as a member of a family. It is for couples looking to connect deeply. For parents looking to gain perspective. It is also for teachers who are striving to make a positive impact on their students and schools, while responsibly prioritizing their own self care. Finally, Playground is for non-profit and for-profit organizations with missions centered around local and global wellness- whether that be equitable access to housing, food, and education for human beings, respectful and loving care for the animals and plants we share our planet with, or responsible efforts on behalf of the planet itself.

Playground was birthed out of a vision to help individuals and communities find greater joy in life and one another, so that we all might engage with life more playfully.