My sincerest hope is that your family finds the resources provided by Playground helpful as you work together to enjoy life. I understand, however, that sometimes reading or watching solutions is not sufficient. You may find yourself in need of a more individualized approach. This is why I offer family consultations by phone, in which you have an opportunity to share your unique struggles and goals. We then can work together to create a plan and connect you with specific resources in your community to support you as you start moving toward more joy in your family life.

Not sure if your concern is “relevant”? If you resonate with any part of what you have seen on Playground, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation. Most of the plans clients create with me will center around topics related to creating order in the home, building family routines and schedules, navigating conflict within the home between partners and/or parents, dealing with trouble at school, or specific learning concerns. However, no topic is really off limits if you find it is standing in the way of joyfully experiencing life with your family. Part of the work we will do together is determining which online or local-to-you resources will serve you on your journey, and helping you get connected to them. If you are specifically concerned about creating more order in your home, you may purchase an organization session in which I work with you to create and implement a plan of order in your home. I also offer subject-specific (math, reading, writing) tutoring services for children ages 2-14, for those families whose concerns center primarily around academics.

I understand that sometimes we are just overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I would love to help get you started on your personal journey toward greater joy. For some clients this might mean scheduling one phone conversation and continuing with the other resources we discussed. Others will choose to schedule follow up conversations to discuss progress and gain additional support as they continue on that journey. Choose what feels right for you.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Wanting to schedule a family consult? Email me at

1-Hour Family Consultation $60

Subject-Specific Tutoring Sessions (Ages 2-14) $60/hour

Household Organizing Session $100

Support Organization Service FREE