There is perhaps too much information available on parenting today. The families I speak to are often confused by all the competing ideas of professionals, family members, and friends. Worse, though they work long and hard on behalf of their children, they generally walk through parenthood feeling guilty and afraid that they are failing. My question is this-does it really need to be this hard?

What are your ultimate goals for your child? What kind of adult do you want them to be? Once you’ve answered these questions as a family, you can determine what skills you want to teach and foster in order to reach that ultimate goal.

Remember that you are the alpha, that kids can do more than we give them credit for, that-at our core-humans want to be seen and understood, and that every member of a family matters, not just the smallest. You made the wise decision to become a parent because you knew it would be (hard but also) fun. So, enjoy it!

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