Are you a non-profit or for-profit organization looking to heighten your efficacy? I would LOVE to help you on your quest to increase community and global wellness. I offer free consultation services for causes I support. What I offer is an outside perspective on what your organization might do to increase its effectiveness toward meeting its goals for positive societal change.

Why is this service free when you charge for your family services?

My background and education are in education and psychology. I have no experience in business or non-profit work, other than my limited experience with a sole proprietorship as a licensed massage therapist, and my own participation in and involvement with “charity work” over the years. I am offering this service, because of what I’ve observed. COUNTLESS organizations, many with the same vision for societal change, working independently rather than collaboratively to offer more stuff without the results they are hoping to accomplish. I am by no means attempting to minimize the incredible impact many organizations are having on the public. These deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Rather, I am seeking to be a part of adding to that positive impact by encouraging and facilitating collaboration, responsible decision making, efficiency, and focused commitment to fulfilling the stated purpose of your support organization.

How can my organization apply for this service?

If you decide you want to sample my ideas, send me an email at Tell me who you are and what the purpose of your organization is. Please include a link to your organization’s website if you have one, so I can check it out and begin to gather some ideas. If your goals resonate with me, I will offer my free services, which may involve email, phone, or in-person meetings depending on your location, your needs, and my availability.

Thank you, for actively working to make the world better. I look forward to connecting with you and being of service in any way I can.